All AeroSouth Products and Services made in North Carolina, USA!

About Us

Kent Misegades

Welcome to AeroSouth, a small business focused on my engineering services and products for light aircraft and sailboats as well as my publications on the topics of aeronautics and education. 

Who am I?

  • Christian, Husband, Father, Grandfather
  • 40+ years engineering experience, much as manager, director and business owner
  • Pilot, aircraft & boat builder since teenage years
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University - War Eagle!
  • MSc Applied Aerodynamics, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
  • Helped establish world-class K-12 schools, Thales Academies
  • Co-founded world-class apprenticeships,
  • Developed and taught high school shop & engineering curricula
  • Passion is flying, sailing, designing & making things - and teaching young people skills


The AeroSouth Swan



Timo Miesegaes was a successful wine merchant in the German city of Bremen in the mid-19th century. As a Deacon of the St. Petri Dom Cathedral in Bremen, his family crest was included among others on the inside wall, where it can be found today.  The owner of AeroSouth is a descendant of Timo Miesegaes, one of over 40 different spellings of the unusual name, an early translation of which was 'Swamp-Goose'.

Our Crest


Katherine Misegades, a talented member of the greater Misegades family, created this colorful rendering of the Misegades family crest on the occasion of a family reunion, based on the image from the Bremen Cathedral. The swan is a common animal seen on the many lakes and wetlands of northwestern Germany and the northeast of the Netherlands, our ancestors' homeland.

Why a Swan?


The swan is a magnificent creature that is equally at home in the air as on the water. Activities in the air and on the water have been the lifelong passions of AeroSouth owner Kent Misegades - swimming, sailing, canoeing, motor-boating, water skiing, snorkeling, soaring, aerobatics and powered flight - as hobbies and in his professional career as an engineer and teacher. That's why the swan is the perfect symbol for the essence of AeroSouth.